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Ditching Diets and Finding Balance: Guide to Self Love


I have grown up having a negative relationship surrounding food. From binge eating, to developing an eating disorder, to then restricting my intake and obsessing over macronutrients in an app. I have done the full circle of diet cycles and I know how miserable this life is. Therefore, I would love to teach you how I got to my happy place, learnt to love myself and found balance of all things in life, including food.

Tracking Macros and MyFitnessPal

Up until around a year ago, I was religiously tracking my macros. I believed that if I was ever under or (god forbid) over my macros I would somehow wake up and all my results would be lost. It wasn’t until I decided that living in this way was not only unhealthy for my body, but my mind too that I made a change.

I have never been one of those #IIFYM people that fits 4 krispy kremes into their daily intake along with 2 protein shakes and says that’s the equivalent of 5 meals of chicken, rice and vegetables. Common sense should tell you that’s not true. Therefore, I have always eaten healthy micronutrient dense foods. However, you can’t have a healthy body if your mind isn’t healthy too, and mine certainly wasn’t.

Tracking macros taught me so much in terms of the amount of carbs, fat and protein in foods. But most importantly, it taught me what works well for my body. I now know what amount of protein is suitable for my body for optimal muscle growth, as well as the make up of other foods. However, tracking every gram of food I ate just didn’t work for my mind. I found myself restricting and weighing out fruit and veggies due to sugars and carbs. Then over eating and binging if I finished the day slightly over my macros.

For me, it was a vicious circle and although tracking food has its place massively within the fitness industry. It just doesn’t work for me living day-to-day. It’s unsustainable, unbalanced and for some people, can cause a very unhealthy mind set.

Intuitive Eating and Balance

Whilst still using my knowledge of macros to ensure I am eating enough of each macronutrient. I now eat according to how I want to feel, which is being fuelled to my best potential.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, warm bowls of oats, organic cereals, potatoes, eggs, fresh salads and herbs and spices all support how I want my body to feel. They give me energy, fill me up, make me feel nourished and give me fuel to perform in the gym. 

I find yoghurts, pastries, refined sugar, processed, greasy and oily foods do not sit well with me. They make me feel tired, sluggish, dirty and unsatisfied, as well as giving me very bad stomach ache and bloating. That’s not to say I cut out these foods all together, because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally have some chocolate! However, the difference is now I do not punish myself or go in to a binge as it’s just being human and balance is key!

Love Yourself

Listening to your body is such an important part of finding balance. But so is learning to love yourself. Without loving yourself you’ll never be in tune with your body enough to even realise what she wants in the first place!

From my experiences I know that without learning to love myself enough to listen to my body, I would never have healed my destructive eating patterns.

You’ll find when you do love your body you’ll want to do what is best for her. You’ll workout and train to make her stronger, not just for ‘abs’ and you’ll eat healthy wholesome and nutritious foods to fuel her. You’ll also find when your craving something different, you love yourself enough to satisfy your cravings without punishment or guilt. And that is balance!

Create the life you want by choosing exactly how your body feels from the foods you eat- it’s all down to listening to your body – it’s much smarter than you might think!

Want to know more about finding balance? Click here.




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