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Exercise Because You Love Yourself: Guide to Self Love


Contrary to popular belief, you CAN love exercising and eating well alongside loving yourself. Exercise and eating well are often related to wanting to change your body due to being unhappy as you are. However, for me and many others, that’s not the case. Instead, fitness has taught me HOW to love myself. As well as make me realise what I am truly capable of, and I now work out and eat well BECAUSE I love myself. I can teach you too how to workout because you love yourself! 

The truth is by comparing yourself to others and having a negative mind set around exercise, you won’t ever get the results you want. This could be due to the cortisol (stress hormone) your body is producing by being unhappy within yourself. Or because you have a negative body image or body dysmorphia, therefore you’ll never be happy with what you see in the mirror. Or even down to having low or no motivation because your doing it all for the wrong reasons.

By adopting and changing this mind set, you will begin to see results, love your body and want to work out because of that. If you allow your goals and motivation to come from a place of self-love you will stop judging yourself, comparing yourself and start being kind to yourself.  Only then will you will find happiness within yourself, as well as a healthy lifestyle you can stick to.

Instead of saying, “I want to work out because I hate my body.” Say “I want to work out because I want to… improve my health, gain more confidence, or be strong!”

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Here are some positive reasons to exercise because you love yourself:


Before I began my fitness journey, I was a very shy girl with little to no body confidence. Through training and lifting weights, I have realised what my body is capable off, and it is so much more than I would have thought possible. This has significantly increased my confidence and I now love my body for all that she is capable for.


After a good workout, I feel amazing! When exercising your body releases happy hormones, known as endorphins. They help to relieve stress and give you an uplifting sensation. I usually work out first thing in a morning and this puts me in a good mood for the day, setting me up for the day ahead!


Getting stronger is something I heavily focus on in my training as I find lifting weights is so empowering. Seeing the weights go up week by week is liberating and shows you what your body is truly capable of! Although fitness doesn’t just make you physically stronger, I am so much stronger mentally too because of the confidence that training has given me.


Fitness and going to the gym is one thing I try and keep as my routine under any circumstance. Even during the end of my deadlines at university, I ensured I would go and train most days before classes. This would give me a set time each day where I wasn’t thinking about work or any stressful situations. Instead I was taking time out to focus on myself, which is very important.

Sleeping Beauty

One thing I have noticed that has improved since starting my fitness journey is my sleep! No more restless nights or insomnia, now you’d be lucky to catch me awake after 10pm and by 9pm I’m usually snuggled up in my PJs. Exercising will tire you out and although during the day you might feel your energy levels are increased due to the endorphins. Your body will take full advantage of your sleep time to rest and recover!

Enjoying LIFE

By changing your mindset around working out to being more positive, you will notice a vast change in not only your workouts but also your life. I used to make these ridiculous promises to myself: like I wouldn’t do ‘x’ until I had visible abs, or I wouldn’t wear a bikini on holiday until I was my goal weight. By the end of it all, the only things I could do was stay inside and be miserable. Goals like this are unrealistic, damaging and the worst possible thing you could do to yourself. The sooner you say goodbye to what you can’t do and start thinking of what you can do, you will begin to live and enjoy your life.

Workout BECAUSE you Love Yourself

Therefore, when done for the right reasons, strength and weight training will not only give you a HOT body it will also improve your confidence, happiness, sleep and LIFE! What more of a reason do you need to get down the gym and pick up some weights!

For more of my tips on how to love yourself click here.

Work Out Because You Love Yourself- Are You Working Out For The Right Reasons


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