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There is always a big debate when it comes to protein bars as many of them are marketed as being a healthy snack, but are often quite the opposite. With additives, added sugar, gelatine and all sorts of unknown chemical ingredients it’s no surprise they’ve gotten a bad name. However, I do love a protein packed treat which allows me to curb my sweet cravings whilst staying on track with my goals, and Protein Pantry have created just that.

Protein Pantry state they have a more “holistic approach to sport nutrition: avoiding and reducing the use of polyols & sugar alcohols, cheap or inferior protein blends, bulking agents, emulsifiers and other synthesized ingredients which are often nutritionally devoid and can trigger digestive problems.”

Looking after my body is something I am very passionate about therefore, for these bars to not be filled with artificial chemicals and other nasties is a real positive. So, I decided to give them a go! I ordered the Birthday Cake Bar, Milk & Cookies Bar, Double Chocolate Chunk Bar and Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.

Overall, the bars are all so delicious, sweet and filling and they really taste like you are having an actual treat! Not to mention that the bars are all super “macro-friendly” and use only the best ingredients.

Milk and Cookies

Protein Pantry Protein Bar Review

I had high hopes for this bar as I loved the sound of the flavour, and I wasn’t disappointed! The base of the bar features a crunchy chocolate fudge cookie which then morphs into a soft, creamy milky nougat top layer. All covered in masterfully crafted white chocolate and topped with a sprinkle of cookie! The taste was true to its name, and my hopes, however the texture of this was fairly chewy and crumbly. But with 18g protein per bar and only 12.2g NET carbs can you really complain?!

Rating: 6/10

Birthday Cake

Protein Pantry Protein Bar Review

This bar is a delight! A sweet vanilla and strawberry blend, coated in white chocolate and topped with sugar- free sprinkles! Again, the texture isn’t quite like cake it is quite chewy but the flavour is very true to its name and the added sprinkles are literally the icing on the cake!

The Birthday Cake bar crams in 24g protein and, at only 15g carbs, 4g sugar and 8g fat. Making it an amazing balanced celebratory treat, ideal as a birthday gift or cake replacement for those dedicated fitness fanatics!

Rating: 7/10

Double Chocolate Chunk

Protein Pantry Protein Bar Review

This bar was by far my favourite, super sweet and chocolatey with a delicious moreish after taste (unlike the usual synthetic chemical after taste.) The bar has a soft fudge milk chocolate centre with a large white chocolate chunk running though the middle. Then coated in marbled white chocolate and drizzled with even more chocolate! The texture is similar to the other bars but the taste seemed to make up for it, as well as the massive white chocolate chunk!

With over 20g protein per bar and ONLY 16g NET carbs, you WON’T find a better protein infused guilt free chocolate-y treat!

Rating: 9/10

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Protein Pantry Protein Bar Review

This bar came in second place, with its soft fudgey chocolate core swirled with actual peanut butter! Then topped with white and dark chocolate chunks as well as an extra drizzle of chocolate just for good measure!

Packing over 17g protein per bar and only 5.6g NET carbs, now that’s macro magic!!

Rating: 8/10


Overall, all the protein pantry bars are similar in texture to a quest bar. Some may find them quite chewy however, they are so sweet, filling and chocolatey so you really can’t complain! For a healthier protein treat to curb cravings without all the added sugar, nasties, and calories I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

I also love the packaging, it looks handmade, high quality, and professional. Making them the ideal gift for your gym partner! Well done Protein Pantry!

You can buy the bars here!

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Review Protein Pantry Protein Bars

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in anyway, just an honest review and my opinion.

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