Protein Dynamix Staxx Bar Chocolate Caramel: Review


Could the Protein Dynamix Staxx Bar become the market leader of protein bars? I think so! They have outdone themselves with this bar, honestly the best tasting protein bar I have ever had. Read more to find out my full review of the Protein Dynamix Chocolate Caramel Staxx Bar.

A super THICK chocolate caramel bar with a very generous layer of chocolate and cookie style pieces covering a layer of protein crispies layered with gooey sweet soft caramel and finally, a nougat centre.

These bars pack a crunch and their thickness gives them a satisfying bite. The chocolate coating tastes just like regular chocolate, sweet, soft and melts just as it should. The caramel is soft, sweet and much thicker than the Grenade Carb Killas caramel layer. The nougat base is just right too, which almost melts in your mouth unlike any other protein bars which somewhat resemble a jawbreaker.

The chocolate coating is just right with a perfect amount of crispy cookie pieces to add a great blend of textures. The nougat centre is sweet without tasting artificial or too sweet and there’s no horrible after taste either.


Nutritional Information/ Macros:



Carbohydrate:19g (Fibre16g)



The Staxx Bar is that good it’s almost actual chocolate bar standard. Similar in taste and texture to a Toffee Crisp Bar, they are a perfect treat you can enjoy while keeping on track for your goals. With a massive 20g protein and only 2.2g of sugar I would eat these bars any day of the week, perfect for both those dieting and those looking to gain size.

This bar is hard to fault, and as a chocolate lover with a HUGE sweet tooth, I would say these are on a par with actual chocolate bars… and I’ve never said that about a protein bar before. If Grenade aren’t worried, they should be!



If you haven’t tried this bar yet then you NEED to! Get your very own below using the links below:

Box of 12 Chocolate Caramel Staxx Bars*

Chocolate Caramel Bar *

*Affiliate Link- I will make a small commission if you buy through these links at no extra cost to you.


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  • Reply Julie Elkins

    These sound yummy and glad to read there is no artificial aftertaste! x

    September 19, 2017 at 7:12 pm
    • Reply Danielle Louise

      Thank you Julie, and that’s a really lovely jumper you’re wearing!x

      September 19, 2017 at 7:38 pm

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