Jim Buddy’s Protein Donut Review


When you find out there’s a new PROTEIN DONUT out, how can you not try it? I’ve heard really good reviews about all of the Jim Buddy’s Donuts and couldn’t wait to try them myself. All 4 flavours sound amazing there’s banana cinnamon, vanilla bean, chocolate orange and peanut butter! Of course, being a banoffee lover at heart, I opted for the banana cinnamon flavour.


Each donut is only 99kcals! Packed with 10g of protein, 2g NET carbs and 3g of fat?! How can you complain?! That is literally the equivalent in calories as a bite of a Krispy Kreme, and plus you’re getting extra protein too!

Often with protein treats, you should watch the ingredients too because although the macros maybe good, some of the ingredients are nasty! But these donuts use healthy quality ingredients, some of which are even organic, gluten free and they claim the donuts are all GMO free! For example, the main ingredients of the banana cinnamon donut are banana, egg whites and gluten-free oats! They also use whey protein power, whole eggs, coconut oil, cinnamon and pecans, amongst other things. The donuts also contain NO ADDED SUGAR, instead the sweetness comes from natural fruit, nuts and stevia a plant based natural sweetener. So, if you’re not only counting macros but also an advocate of watching what you put in your body, this donut does it all!

Now, the fun part- taste! The banana cinnamon donut was honestly the nicest protein treat as such I have ever tired. There was no artificial taste or chewy texture which is often found with protein treats. Instead, it was soft, sweet and cakey, perhaps more cakey than donutty but that’s the only bad thing I’d have to say! But the icing had the taste and texture of ‘real’ icing, including the stickiness and sickly sweetness. It was gone in a matter of seconds!

Overall, I will be trying the rest of the flavours of Jim Buddy’s protein donuts as well as having plenty more of the banana cinnamon ones! For a cake/donut with only 99 calories and 10g protein you can’t complain at all!




Calories: 99


Carbohydrate:20g (2g NET carbs)


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You can buy the donuts from Jim Buddy’s website here or Protein Pick ‘N’ Mix here.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored and contains NO affiliate links, just my honest opinion. Thanks.

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