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Beginners Supplement Guide: My Top Supplements


Supplements are just that- Supplements. They will supplement a healthy lifestyle not give you one. Unless you have been told by a doctor or have an illness, supplements are not essential to get results. Results come from training hard and eating well, there’s no magic pill. However, supplements can enhance your results or performance, but without the basics they are useless.

Don’t fall in to the trap of detoxes, fat burners, and pills that claim to get you shredded. Over-night results aren’t a thing; it takes years of training, eating well and fuelling your body. I know that’s what you probably didn’t want to hear, but it’s unfortunately the truth.

Supplement Brands

Personally, I’m very fussy about which supplement companies I trust as you can’t be too careful. You must remember most of these companies have just tapped into a growing industry for profit. Some supplements have nasty ingredients, harmful chemicals and often, won’t be giving you any benefit.

I believe sticking to basics is key with supplements and that’s why my favourite supplement brand is Go Nutrition. They have a transparent approach to supplements which means they don’t use any unknown ingredients, cheap fillers or proprietary blends.

The use of proprietary blends is the most common method in the sports nutrition industry for cheapening products. Proprietary blends contain a mixture of different proteins in the ingredients, often including expensive protein such as Isolate or Hydrolysate. However, you’ll be getting 24g of cheap inadequate protein and only 1g of the good stuff per 25g scoop.

Therefore, Go Nutrition is my favourite supplement company. They’re honest, transparent and truly care about the consumer delivering high quality products for the best price on the market.

My Favourite Supplements:

Although I said before supplements are not the holy grail of results, when used effectively they can be very beneficial. They are something I use every day alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle. Just please do not fall into the common trap of thinking ‘a protein shake will make you manly’ or ‘supplements will give you overnight results.’

Whey Protein 80

Protein powder is the most popular supplement in the fitness industry. Protein is an essential building block for muscle and is required to build muscle and recover from training. However, a common misconception with protein powder is that it has some magical advantage over regular protein found in meat, dairy, nuts etc.. That is not the case, it is in fact just protein. Although, having it in powder form does make it much more convenient. Especially if you’re someone that struggles to get their recommended daily intake of protein in from food.

Go Nutrition’s Whey Protein 80 is a high-quality whey protein concentrate from grass-fed cows that has no fillers or proprietary blends. I personally use Whey Protein 80 because although isolate would be a higher quality protein, it is more heavily processed. During the processing, some of the healthy vitamins and minerals are removed making it less nutritious. Therefore, I always use Whey Protein 80 and have it every day mixed into cooked oats which is delicious! I highly recommend the Maple Syrup & Pancake flavour or Salted Caramel!

Multi Vitamin: Vit-Elle

Multi Vitamins are useful for those participating in high intensity strength training as you require more vitamins and minerals. Vit-Elle includes an advanced vitamin B complex, Vitamins A, C ,E, D and K. These vitamins increase energy production, enhance immune function and support a healthy heart and brain function. They are also super-antioxidants and help to protect the body against free-radicals, which are produced as a result of intense exercise. They will also support bone health and muscle function, which is essential for the active women.

Vit-Elle also provides high levels of ten essential minerals such as Potassium which supports the nervous system and muscle function. As well as magnesium which helps to reduce fatigue and enhance muscle protein synthesis.

I take one Vit-Elle capsule every morning with my breakfast and have noticed I now rarely get run-down or ill. I love this multivitamin because Go Nutrition do not include any vitamins or ingredients that aren’t scientifically backed or proved effective.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA’s are three amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, and valine.  They play a role in protein synthesis and glucose uptake into cells. This is something we want to encourage when trying to build muscle. They are naturally found in protein and important if you are working out fasted or in a diet phase.

I always have 5g of BCAA during training as I train fasted first thing in a morning. Therefore, they prevent muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis during my training session. I would also supplement with them throughout the day if in a calorie deficit. This will prevent muscle breakdown and help with muscle tissue repair.

My favourite BCAA is the Cherry Burst flavour from Go Nutrition. It is just what it says on the packet-BCAA, no added unnecessary ingredients, caffeine or enhances often found in other BCAA supplements.


Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles, making up over 61% of skeletal muscle. It consists of 19% nitrogen, making it the primary transporter of nitrogen into your muscle cells. During intense training, Glutamine levels are depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. It can take up to 6 days for these levels to return to normal again which can affect protein synthesis.

After a heavy training session, I will supplement with 5g of Glutamine to ensure my body can repair and recover efficiently. This is not something I am consistent with every day, as it isn’t something I take on rest days. However, if you’ve had a heavy session I do find it really speeds up recovery time and will aid your protein synthesis.

As with all Go Nutrition products, again the Glutamine is simply Glutamine. Derived from high-quality sources with no added unnecessary extras. Making it the perfect supplement for those who train HARD!


Apart from the odd protein bar, there are no other supplements I use or recommend. I feel these supplements are the best on the market and will aid you in achieving your goals and results. Remember there are no quick fixes, magic pills or secret tricks. It is simply hard work, consistency and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT that not create it.

For more tips on how to Build Muscle and Burn Fat click here.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which give me a small commission if you buy one of the products I have mentioned. This is at no extra cost to you and just helps me in the up keeping of my blog. Thanks.

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