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    Effects of Hormonal Contraception – Coming Off The Pill

    Coming Off The Pill Hormonal Contraceptives

    Today, there aren’t many girls which AREN’T on some sort of hormonal contraception. So many young girls are put on to the pill by their GP from the age of 14-15. Often not even for contraception but to regulate periods or prevent acne. This can cause complications later in life because rather than fixing the original problem such as irregular, heavy or painful periods, they have simply masked it with the pill. Read more


    Taking the Chance and Following Your Dreams


    I believe we are all born into the universe with a calling, something that we are supposed to be doing with our lives and we won’t ever be happy or settled until we are living in this light. Our soul has a purpose, and until we are pursuing this purpose you’ll always have this niggling feeling which won’t go away. Some people are lucky enough to know what this is straight away, others it takes them years and some never trust their own instincts enough to follow their dreams.

    Read more


    Empowering Women: Guide to Self-Love


    When I was younger, I used to envy the pretty and popular girls at school because my own insecurities saw them as a threat. However, now I have learnt that as women we need to be empowering each other, raising each other up and guiding each other to self-love. After all, empowered women- empower women! Read more

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    Creating Healthy Habits: My Morning Routine


    Whether you are a morning person or not, establishing a healthy morning routine can set a positive tone for the rest of the day. It will also allow you to create habits which will last your lifetime.

    Many people are constantly looking for new motivation to live a healthy active lifestyle. Motivation seems amazing in the moment, but then nowhere to be found the next. It is then when you need to have healthy positive habits that are part of who you are, ingrained within you as an integral component of your life. Read more